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Jewel between the Giant Granite Rocks of South Sinai

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The city of Saint Catherine is the most special and distinctive city of Sinai, it is the highest inhabited place in the Sinai where it is located on a plateau that rises 1600 meters above the sea in the heart of South Sinai, 300 km from the Suez Canal, and an area of ​​5130 square kilometers, surrounded by a group of mountains is the highest In Sinai and in all of Egypt, the highest peak is Mount Catherine, Mount Moses and Mount Safsafa. This high endowed it with a distinct, mild climate in the very cold summer in the winter, which gives it a special beauty when it snows the mountain peaks and the land of the city. The area has been declared a nature reserve because of its natural, historical and religious significance. Most of the city's residents are engaged in agricultural, grazing and tourism services. The city is famous for religious tourism, safari tourism and mountain climbing, and it contains the Monastery of St. Catherine, Mount Moses, the shrine of the Prophet Haroun and other religious monuments, and is considered the largest natural reserve in the Arab Republic of Egypt in terms of area.