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The Minister of Higher Education reviews a report on the strategy of attracting adequate students

The Minister of Higher Education reviews a report on the strategy of attracting adequate students

The Minister of Higher Education reviews a report on the strategy of attracting adequate students

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, reviewed a report submitted by Dr. Rasha Kamal, acting head of the Central Administration for International Student Affairs, on the strategy for attracting foreign students, in light of the presidential mandates for developing the international student system and providing distinctive services to international students within the initiative's work procedures ( Study in Egypt), which was adopted by the ministry this year and confirmed by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, as it is a national project in which all state agencies come together. To overcome difficulties and facilitate the necessary procedures for applying to study in Egypt.

According to a statement issued by the Ministry of Higher Education, the report stated that the door for foreign students to study in Egyptian universities for the academic year 2020/2021 has been opened, starting from last February, with measures taken to facilitate foreign students. In view of the repercussions of the Coronavirus pandemic, as the expatriate student’s administration has taken several measures, including providing a service for receiving student files by express mail, and the possibility of accepting the student’s file through his country's embassy in Cairo, And the introduction of the electronic payment service and the admission of foreign students wishing to study in Egyptian universities until the end of December 2020 while continuing to accept credit-hour programs until February 2021, in addition to opening special classes for foreign students in the event of their late arrival to the country in cases of airport closures and freedom of movement between countries in addition to providing The distance education system within the hybrid education system.

For her part, Dr. Rasha Kamal explained that about 33,000 students of various nationalities have applied to the website for foreign students, and 10,000 students have won seats in Egyptian universities for the academic year 2020/2021, explaining that students are still receiving so far with expectations that the number will increase with the emergence The result of the high school diploma in other countries where the exams were late, and consequently, the results were delayed.


Dr. Rasha Kamal emphasized that the students ’turnout to study in Egypt confirms the positive results of the measures that have been taken to facilitate the incoming students. She praised the important and effective role of the Crisis Management Committee formed at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to solve the problems and inquiries of foreign students wishing to study in Egyptian universities, especially since the committee to be in direct contact with international students through the technical members of the administration and supervisors of expatriate departments in Egyptian universities The cultural offices and Egyptian diplomatic missions abroad to solve any of the students' problems, complete the papers and help them obtain study visas, stressing the continuation of work on launching the "Study in Egypt" platform, which will include all concerned parties; To facilitate the admission of incoming students to study in Egyptian universities.


The report also reviewed many other services provided to international students; To provide distinguished services and facilities for expatriate students, including cooperation with the Egyptian Knowledge Bank and making it available to expatriate students, treating a foreign student as an Egyptian student in the prices of tickets to visit archaeological sites and museums, and making subscriptions for metro network lines available to foreign students in the public subscriptions category (reduced by 40% - 50%) compared to At ticket prices, in addition to the possibility of obtaining a study visa for foreign students, and the organization of sports, cultural and artistic forums for foreign students in Egyptian universities.


It is worth noting that the Central Administration for International Student Affairs has established 6 accounts on social media platforms (Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - YouTube - Linkedin - TikTok) and launched the Study in Egypt channel on YouTube in addition to the hotline service for international students 19064 and communicating about The WhatsApp program way to quickly and directly respond to all students' inquiries to facilitate communication and achieve the highest possible quality



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