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The Minister of Higher Education invites Egyptian scholars to Canadian universities to teach in Egypt

The Minister of Higher Education invites Egyptian scholars to Canadian universities to teach in Egypt

The Minister of Higher Education invites Egyptian scholars to Canadian universities to teach in Egypt

Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research held a meeting with a number of Egyptian professors working in Canadian universities, in the presence of Ambassador Ahmed Abu Zeid, the Egyptian Ambassador to Canada, Dr. Ahmed Haykal, the Egyptian Cultural Attaché in Montreal, Canada, Dr. Mohamed El-Shennawy, Adviser to the Minister for International Agreements and Relations, and Dr. Mohamed Al-Sharkawy, Assistant Minister for Investment, via video conference technology.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Minister welcomed the scholars participating in the meeting, and praised the efforts of Egyptian scholars abroad and the successes they achieve in various fields, noting their commitment and good reputation at the international level, stressing the Ministry’s keenness to communicate seriously with Egyptian scholars abroad continuously. And to benefit from their specializations and scientific experiences in promoting the educational process in Egypt, referring to his meeting with Egyptian scholars in Japan and the United States of America, in order to cooperate with them and benefit from their experiences

Abdel Ghaffar added, according to a statement issued by the Ministry of Higher Education, today, Wednesday, that Egypt has made a number of good steps in the field of developing and modernizing the system of higher education and scientific research, to be able to fulfill its role and perform its academic and societal mission as desired, and to meet the requirements of the development process and the labor market. Thanks to the support of the wise political leadership who believes in the value of science and education.

The minister reviewed the most prominent efforts made by the state to upgrade the higher education system, including the establishment of a number of prestigious international university branches in the New Administrative Capital in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 62 of 2018, which began with the Canadian Universities Foundation that hosts a branch of Prince Edward Canadian University, then the Foundation for Knowledge Universities that hosts the branch British Coventry University and the Global Foundation which hosts the University of Hertfordshire campus; With the aim of providing distinguished education on the land of Egypt.


Abdel Ghaffar also indicated the establishment of 3 technological universities in which the study began since last year (Delta, Beni Suef, New Cairo), which gives technical and technical education the attention it deserves, stressing that new technological universities are being established, including scientific programs and modern specialties, as well as cooperation With companies and factories to train students and provide them with the required experiences.


The minister emphasized that the number of public universities had been increased during the recent period to 27 public universities. To keep pace with the increasing demand for university education, and the Ministry's strong desire to have at least a university in every governorate, as well as to increase the number of public university colleges with specializations commensurate with the needs of the labor market, and to expand the establishment of new credit hour programs


The minister pointed out that the ministry has established a number of distinguished private universities (Al Majala, El Alamein, King Salman, New Mansoura) according to the latest global systems, pointing out that these universities have advanced scientific programs and have partnerships with a number of international universities, calling on scholars to cooperate With the presidents of new private universities to enrich the educational process in them, whether through remote teaching, participating in research projects, exchanging scientific visits, or by providing training opportunities for students in Canadian universities, and other various aspects of cooperation; In a way that maximizes ways to benefit from their scientific expertise and specializations

Abdel Ghaffar also stressed that it is possible to benefit from the experience of Egyptian scientists in developing educational curricula in government universities in line with global developments, as well as making use of their scientific expertise in introducing new specializations, referring to the development process carried out by the ministry within educational institutions, by raising the level of quality In it, and improving the international classification of Egyptian universities in various international classification guides, in order to ensure the provision of an environment and a suitable climate for a real educational process, that tangibly contributes to building the integrated personality of the students involved in the study there

 The minister also called for the necessity of cooperation in the fields of scientific research, pointing out that there are many national research projects in Egypt, including the Egyptian Genome Program, which needs the concerted efforts of all state institutions in order to provide the means for success for this national program.


During the meeting, the presidents of private universities presented the programs offered by each university, which fit the current and future needs of sustainable development plans, and presented future plans for their universities at the research and educational level, and the most prominent partnerships and agreements with international universities.


The minister listened to the proposals and opinions of the scholars on cooperation mechanisms with Egyptian higher education institutions, especially the new private universities, as the scholars affirmed their keenness to cooperate and communicate with Egyptian universities and contribute to strengthening cooperation between them and Canadian universities, as well as cooperation in joint research projects or exchange Scientific visits.


The meeting was attended by Dr. Issam Al-Kurdi, President of El Alamein University, Dr. Moawad Al-Khouly, President of New Mansoura University, Dr. Ashraf Haider, President of Al-Jalalah University, and Dr. Ashraf Hussein, President of King Salman University.


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