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Inclusion of 7 Egyptian universities in the Shanghai Chinese classification for the year 2022 _

Inclusion of 7 Egyptian universities in the Shanghai Chinese classification for the year 2022 _

Inclusion of 7 Egyptian universities in the Shanghai Chinese classification for the year 2022 _


Cairo University Tops the List of Egyptian Universities in the Ranking for 2022

Dr. Mohamed Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, reviewed a report on the inclusion of 7 Egyptian universities in the Shanghai Chinese General Classification (ARWU), for the year 2022, compared to the inclusion of six universities last year 2021.

Dr. Adel Abdel Ghaffar, Media Advisor and Spokesperson of the Ministry, stated that the list of Egyptian universities listed in the Shanghai classification has witnessed progress this year, with a university increase from last year, as Cairo University topped the first place at the level of Egyptian universities, and came in the ranking (301-400) globally, advancing by 100 centers from last year, followed by Alexandria University in the center (501-600), advancing by 100 centers from last year.Then Mansoura University in the center (601-700), advanced by 100 places from last year, followed by Ain Shams University in the center (701-800), Al-Azhar University in the center (801-900), advanced by 100 places from last year, Zagazig University in the center (801-900), and Kafr El-Sheikh University in the center (901-1000), which was included for the first time this year.The index of the most cited index is “A very cited researcher,” pointing to the inclusion of (6) publication in the two prestigious journals, Nature and Science. Ain Shams University won first place with 3.8 points, followed by Cairo University with 3.2 points, then Alexandria University with 2.5 points, and Mansoura and Al-Azhar Universities with two points.


, Ain Shams University 32 points, then Alexandria University 30.8 points, Cairo University 30.5 points, Zagazig University 30.3 points, and finally Kafr El-Sheikh 22.2 points, a new index to an index, a new index, a new index, a point, followed by Alexandria University 13.7 points, then Ain Shams University 13.4 points, Al-Azhar University 12.7 points, Zagazig University 12.6 points, and Kafr El-Sheikh University 9.7 points.


The spokesperson explained that the Academic Ranking of World Universities "Shanghai" (ARWU) was first published in June 2003 by the Center for World-Class Universities (CWCU), Graduate School (formerly Institute of Higher Education) of Shanghai University, China and has been updated on a basis since 2009. Where the ranking is among the top 2,500 universities on an annual annual level; To evaluate the top thousand universities, indicating that the classification is based on an objective subject group: the number of university graduates who have won the Nobel Prize (10%), the number of faculty members who have won the Nobel Prize and Field Medal in Mathematics (20%), the highest degree association rights High quality in the Clarivate database (20%), higher than those published in the journals Nature and Science (20%), %).


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